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October 10, 2016
Columbus Day
In accordance with our user agreement no interest is paid on October 10.
We are a totally unique offshore investment vehicle. We blend expertise with innovations, proprietary trading models with know-how. As a team we really love what we are doing. This is what makes us different.
Through us you have a chance to gain access to the global financial markets which, under regular circumstance, would only be reserved to high net-worth investors and corporations. Now we have made it possible for you.
We never rest on the laurels, there is always a long road ahead. This is how we see what we are doing and this actually sums up our attitude to what we do. Without it we would never be anywhere close to where we are right now.

Napston.com is the home of innovations in the online investment market. We are offering our services to individual customers, groups and companies. We have really gone great lengths to be able to offer you our services with total confidence. We have been polishing our business model for a really long time and right now we are ready to make it available to everyone.

Napston.com team is comprised of motivated specialists that excel in what they do. We lend our professional knowledge to our customers so that they can fulfil their investment goals.

Napston.com provides a reliable online investment solution through offshore investments into the global investment markets. We pool the money placed with our by our global customers to participate in the financial markets on the daily basis. This would have never been possible to simple individuals, but together we can very strong and make a real difference. This is the cornerstone of our business model. You rely on us and we rely on you. We will not let you down.