Buying Bitcoins

It has never been easier. For your convenience, we have prepared this handy step-by-step guide.

Step 1. Have your Bitcoin Wallet ready

Have your bitcoin wallet and bitcoin address (or several addresses if needed) ready and make sure you fully understand how they work.

Once you've got that covered, move on to Step 2. If you need help with that, please check out our handy guide to Bitcoin wallets.

Step 2. Decide how you want to buy bitcoins

These are quick, secure and convenient ways to buy bitcoins in the United States:

  • Coinbase or other specialized Bitcoin exchanges where you can buy virtually any Bitcoin amount.
  • LocalBitcoins, a trusted Bitcoin buy/sell escrow service. Technically, you can buy any amount using this service, but it's normally used for smaller purchases up to $10k.
  • LibertyX Buy bitcoins at thousands retail locations across the United States with cash.
  • BitQuick. Buy bitcoins directly from sellers by making a direct cash deposit at a local branch of sellers' bank.
  • At a Bitcoin ATM near you.

Step 3. Buy bitcoins

Coinbase (and other specialized Bitcoin exchanges)

Specialized exchanges, like Coinbase, let you buy bitcoins directly from them with bank transfers (ACH, EFT, Bank wire transfers, etc.), credit/debit cards and other payment methods.

If you choose to buy bitcoins from Coinbase, here's what they would ask you to do:

  • Open an account at Coinbase.
  • Verify your email address and contact phone number.
  • Link your bank account to your Coinbase account. To do that, go to "Payment Methods" tab and click "Add a bank account". You'll be asked to enter your bank's routing number, your bank account number and your name on account.
  • After that you'll be asked to choose a verification method - Instant Account Verification or Deposit Verification
  • If you go with the instant verification, you'll be asked to enter your bank account's login info (username and password). This is done using a totally secure one-time form and your login information will not be stored by Coinbase. The verification process will take from 1 to 3 minute.
  • If, for any reason, you do not want to enter your online bank account login credentials, you can choose a deposit verification. In this case, Coinbase will send 2 random micro deposits to your bank account that you will see in 2 or 3 days. Once the amounts arrive, you will be asked to enter these 2 amounts to prove ownership of the account.
  • Once your bank account is linked with your Coinbase account, you can send a transfer using the instructions you will see in your Coinbase account. It would usually take 2-3 days to arrive.
  • Please note that there would be a weekly buy limit ($2,000 to $5,000) which can be raised or removed later on.
  • Please note that you can instantly buy Bitcoins using a credit or debit card, in which case there's a $300 to $500 weekly limit and you'd need to verify your ID.
  • Once your payment clears, the bitcoins will be credited to your Coinbase account (equivalent to a Bitcoin wallet). You can then freely transfer it to any Bitcoin address.

Click here to watch a Coinbase wallet setup tutorial

There is a lot of other reputable exchanges out there. Here's a few that we recommend

If you need help finding an exchange servicing your area, please drop us a like at, we'll do our best to help you.


LocalBitcoins has already become a household name in the Bitcoin industry. It offers a safe, quick and easy way to buy bitcoins using a variety of payment methods, such as bank transfers and cash payments. We recommend LocalBitcoins for quick bitcoin purchases for amounts up to $10,000.

These are the steps you need to make to buy bitcoins via LocalBitcoins:

  • Open account. You'd need to choose a username and password and enter your email address to do that.
  • Then go to Localbitcoins home page and enter the amount you would like buy, your location and preferred payment method.
  • Check the available sell offers (most likely there will be tens of them to choose from in your area) to find the one that meets your needs in terms of price and payment conditions. Please always check seller's track record and reviews before transacting.
  • Most Bitcoin sellers on LocalBitcoins accept direct cash deposits that you can make at a nearest branch of the seller's bank. This is probably the quickest and easiest way to buy smaller amounts of bitcoins. There are also numerous sell offers whereby you can pay using online bank transfer.
  • Send the payment using the payment instructions provided by the seller and click "I have paid" button in the step 2 of the buying bitcoins flow.
  • Once the seller confirms receipt of your payment, the bitcoins will be credited to your Localbitcoins account (which acts as a wallet) from which you can transfer them to any Bitcoin address.
  • Please be advised that during the entire buy process, the seller's bitcoins will be held in escrow by Localbitcoins for everyone's peace of mind.

Here is the link to a guide to buying bitcoins guide at Localbitcoins complete with screenshots and a video tutorial.


LIbertyX offers a quick way to buy bitcoins with cash at any of several thousand stores all over the United States. This is what you need to do:

  • Open an account at or better download their iOS or Android app. Once you complete the signup process, you'll be able to buy up $1,000 worth of bitcoin per day. Please note that Bitcoins are sold in increments of $50, $100, $200, etc.
  • Find a store near you though a store locator by entering your city or ZIP code. Select a store location for more details, such as fees and specific instructions that may differ by store. Please call ahead to make sure the store you chose is open.
  • Pay for bitcoins in cash at the chosen store and get a PIN code.
  • Log into your account at, enter your bitcoin address and the PIN code you got from a store and LIbertyX will immediately send you the bitcoins your bitcoins.
  • Please note that the purchase flow has been optimized for iOS or Android apps, but the same functionality is available via internet browsers on your desktop computer.

BitQuick is a vetted and time-tested place to buy bitcoins for cash directly from those looking to sell. With BitQuick you can buy bitcoins by making a cash deposit at a local branch of a seller's bank.

Here's what you need to do to get started:

  • Go to and click "Launch Quick Buy"
  • Specify the amount and select your preferred payment method.
  • Then enter your email address, contact phone number and Bitcoin address.
  • Place an order for the amount you would like to buy from the seller you chose. You will immediately get an email with deposit instructions.
  • Go to a local branch of the seller's bank and make a cash deposit. You just need to fill out a deposit slip and pay cash.
  • Upload the deposit receipt to the link that was provided in the initial email with deposit instructions.
  • Within 3 hours, the bitcoins will be sent to your bitcoin address.
  • Note that all that time BitQuick will be holding seller's bitcoins in escrow which eliminates the risk of fraud.
Bitcoin ATMs

You can also purchase bitcoins at any of the Bitcoin ATMs.

To do that, please go to Coinatmradar to find ones near you and follow the instructions. At a Bitcoin ATM you can instantly buy bitcoins, however be prepared to pay a 5% to 10% premium.

Step 4. Transfer your bitcoins to your Bitcoin wallet

After completing your purchase on one of the exchanges, you will be able to freely spend the bitcoins you bought directly from your account at an exchange.

If you buy via LocalBitcoins, the amount you purchased will be at your disposal inside your Localbitcoins account From there you can send it to any Bitcoin address.

For security reasons, we strongly recommend not to keep any signifcant amount of bitcoins in your accounts with Bitcoin exchanges, but immediately transfer them to your personal Bitcoin wallet (such as or Breadwallet or others).

Disclaimer! The above mentioned Bitcoin exchanges and other Bitcoin buy/sell services are third-party service providers. Please use your own judgment when using the said exchanges and/or services. We cannot be held liable for their performance.