Customer accounts security is fundamental to the long-term operation of our business.

Let us explain why it is so important and what you can do to play it safe.

Safety of your bitcoin wallet. Why is it important?
Just like with all things financial, you should be very careful when choosing a service to store your Bitcoins with. For your convenience, we've prepared a detailed Bitcoin wallets guide whereby you can find the list of secure wallet providers. In addition to that, here you can find a directory of wallet providers that have been rigorously tested and vetted by the Bitcoin community. Note that if you choose to use a web wallet, the 2-factor authentication must be enabled and used at all times.
Why is it important to backup my wallet?
Stored in a safe place, a backup of your wallet can protect you against computer failures and human error. It also allows you to recover your wallet in case your mobile or computer is stolen or lost.
How do you store personal information that I shared with you?
All the sensitive data vital to our daily operations is kept on servers not connected to the internet. All of that data is encrypted according to the safest encryption standards (AES-256).
How do I know that I'm on your website and that I can safely transmit the information to you?
All of our website operations are SSL-encrypted (https). Always check the URL in the browser search bar, it has to be SSL-encrypted and show the name of our company at all times.
How do I make sure that the Bitcoin address I'm sending my bitcoins to is yours?
You can make a new Bitcoin deposit only through your Napston account. We assure you that the Bitcoin address we will provide you with during this process is valid and belongs to us.
Why do you track and report all the attempts to log into my account with you?
We do so in order to make sure that your account access it not compromised. You should immediately report any activity that looks suspicious.
Do you offer a 2-factor authentication?
We are working to add it in the immediate future.
Can I limit access to my account to a specific IP address?
This feature will also be available shortly.
Can I set a specific withdrawal address for my account?
We are working to add this security feature as well. Once enabled, changing a withdrawal address will require an email confirmation.
Why do you freeze withdrawals for some time after the account password change?
It's just an extra security measure that is in everyone's best interest.
How can I make sure my account with you is secure?
First, always use a strong and unique password. Needless to say you need to observe regularsafety precautions such as never opening email attachments from senders you do not know, not clicking on suspicious links, etc.
I have received an email from you asking me to confirm my password. Did you really send it?
No, we would never ask our customers to do that. Please immediately report any such emails to us.