The Future of Investing Starts Now

Bitcoin, a decentralized cryptocurrency and a digital asset, was conceived back in 2008 amidst the global financial crisis, one of the harshest in modern history. What started as a crisis in the high-risk mortgage market in the US quickly expanded into a full-scale global financial crisis that led to massive bailouts and a major economic downturn.

Primarily, Bitcoin was the response to the weaknesses of traditional money - diminishing trust towards banking system prone to corruption, lack of transparency and excessive centralization. Plus, governments could print more money at will. Bitcoin succeeded in merging the best of both worlds - cash and electronic payments - to give us a possibility, probably for the first time in human history, to stay in control of both how we spend and store our wealth.

Its flawless technical design eliminated the need for intermediaries, such as banks or credit card companies. Bitcoin network is based on a revolutionary technology known as blockchain. It is a shared, publicly visible and verifiable ledger of each and every transaction on the Bitcoin network. By design, all transactions are final and the total supply of Bitcoin is finite, which means that it is a deflationary currency by definition.

Financial pundits, venture capitalists and market analysts all bet serious money on that Bitcoin and select few cryptocurrencies, such as Ethereum, will keep appreciating value for decades. That means that the Bitcoin era is just beginning.

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